Middlesex 31

2008 Chardonnay Featured in The West Australian

August 26th, 2010

Following the Middlesex 31 2008 Chardonnay’s eye-catching and mouth-watering success at tastings and shows alike, Ray Jordan featured the Middlesex 31 drop in the Thursday edition of “Fresh” in The West Australian newspaper. Middlesex 31 patriarch John Davies was referred to in the article (published October 29, 2009) and a photo of the 2008 Chardonnay graced the page in all of its glory. Mr. Jordan went on to award the wine a score of 92/100 – a very worthy score for a wine that continues to delight our palates at Middlesex 31. Thank you to Mr. Ray Jordan and The West Australian newspaper for their on-going excellence in promoting wine in Western Australia and looking deeper into the production of fine wines within the Manjimup and Pemberton region.

Spice Magazine Winter Edition

May 31st, 2010

Middlesex 31 Marketing and Communications Manager Will Davies photographed with Spice Magazine Editor Anthony Georgeff at the WIAWA Taste of the Great Southern function at the picturesque Matilda Bay Function Room. A wonderful evening for Middlesex 31 to showcase its produce and to meet such dignitaries as Mr. Georgeff and the Spice Magazine team.