Middlesex 31


Middlesex 31 is nestled in the lower south-west of Western Australia, just over 300 kilometres from Perth. Situated 10 kilometres out of Manjimup, the Middlesex 31 property and vineyard now officially lie within the bounds of the town Pemberton. An area famous for agriculture and tall-timber, the Shire of Manjimup was first settled in 1856 and the name Manjimup was derived from the aboriginal word “Manjin” – a special edible reed with healing powers, and “up” – meaning meeting place. From its early pioneering days, Manjimup has been shaped by the abundance of fresh water, rich soil and tall timber which typify the area. Today, the region remains peaceful and pristine, and with its natural majesty it maintains strong links with the timber industry, agriculture, viticulture, dairying, aquaculture and a developing tourism industry.